30 years ago, WTL was created by the inadvertent discovery of a niche market involving containment.
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WTL is always looking for hard working, motivated employees who are looking for the opportunity to grow within our company.
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Western Tank & Lining is employee owned and operated. We care about our environment, customers, employees and suppliers.
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Since 1985, Western Tank & Lining Ltd has developed into a respected specialty contractor within Canada. We offer a wide scope of membrane linings, steel bolted tank systems and engineered covers.

We have installed millions of square meters of Geomembrane Liners, and hundreds of steel bolted tanks. WTL is well recognized as a firm dedicated to excellence in workmanship, service and developing a team concept to completing contracts.

Our expertise is specific. When considering the use of a geomembrane liner, we base our recommendations on both practical experience and an unbiased selection from a broad range of products. We apply these same principals when selecting tank system.

We have developed extensive working relationships with various manufacturers and fabricators in North America in order to provide our clients with practical solutions for complex engineering problems.