Bolted Steel Tanks


Factory applied, coatings provide an almost indestructible and non-permeable containment surface for your reservoir. In the factory the fabricated steel components are blasted to a near white surface and then put through a heat-fusion coating process. These coatings are bonded to the prepared textured blasted surface creating an indestructible bond. Cathodic protection is not a requirement for the factory coated reservoirs. This protection is a fail-safe offered on-field coated tanks to protect against hidden delamination.


As we all know some events in construction are inevitable no matter how careful we try to be. Each of our tanks comes with a field applied 2 part epoxy touch up kit that bonds with the coating that will return the surface to an as good as new condition.

All of our coatings are NSF 61 certified for potable water applications and come with a manufacturer's warranty. These coatings are specified by AWWA to have a long working life with no anticipated recoating for potable water storage in a 6 to 8 ph range.


Tank Connection Unmatched Coatings Brochure